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We are the inner why research institute, the r&d center of whytowork global, led by whytowork partner, researcher and author eric bartels. Our research project into leadership and company behavior started in 2004. We have interviewed over 500 ceos, conducted thousands of psychometric tests and researched over a hundred companies onsite. We combined those insights with the work of several famous philosophers, like aristotle, hegel, kant, ahrend and sartre, and the work of renowned psychologists, like maslow, seligman and csikszentmihalyi. The result is a success philosophy and related methodology that we use in our company whytowork. Eric bartels writes about the same subject and his books are published by renowned publishing houses.



Inner Why managing director Eric Bartels has written three best sellers for the Dutch market: MENS – het geheim van het zijn, THE PLAN – het meesterschap principe en ALS JE WILT WINNEN MOET JE NIET WILLEN WINNEN.

All three books are published by the largest Dutch publisher A.W. Bruna. The last book has sold out and a new version will be published shortly.

English versions are currently in production and will be published in the first half of 2017. The titles are: HUMAN – the secret of being, THE PLAN – the mastery principle and THE POWER OF THE INNER WHY.

We will also be publishing four manuals in both languages.

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Eric Bartels is a well known consultant and author who regularly appears in the media – television, radio, print and online. He is a charismatic and inspiring speaker. Opinion pollster and Dutch TV personality Maurice de Hond says about Bartels: “I had stopped going to seminars, conferences and workshops, as most of them were boring, tedious and not very inspirational. But Eric’s performance was completely different. Not only was it convincing and entertaining, it was also full of fascinating examples, enlightening quotes and surprising perspectives. Things that were only one or two dimensional for me suddenly took on a third dimension thanks to Eric. The talk started me thinking about subjects I had never previously considered, and I am deeply grateful for that.” You can hire Eric for talks by sending an email to

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Eric will start publishing video posts on a regular basis on topics ranging from Economy and Leadership to Neurology and Psychology. Stay tuned!

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